Where we have an impact

We believe that every person in the world should have the opportunity to succeed, and we empower everyone everywhere to become successful by providing the skills and tools to do so.

Leadership Skills: Assess your skill level across all relevant leadership skills and optimize your leadership potential through our actionable results and specific skills learning recommendations.

Human Resources: Make your recruiting efforts much more efficient by having our skills engine match the applicant’s skills to specific job criteria, and interview only the top, relevant candidates who are most likely to succeed in that job.

Education: Assess your students’ 21st century skills and receive recommendations on how they can excel academically by improving those skills while allowing you, the student and their family to track the daily progress. 

Military: Assign each incoming recruit to the position where he or she is most likely to succeed and excel. Help service members who are leaving the force find their perfect career match based on the learnings and courses they’ve acquired during their time in the service.

“I fully support the efforts of weTHINK.”
The City of Inglewood Councilman Morales

“We have been acquainted with Ms. Salazar’s work through Flourish Academics LLC and the success and innovation of her programs. We anticipate quite an impact from the research she has been leading over the last few years in the non-cognitive/21st century skills arena.”
The City of Inglewood Councilman Eloy Morales

“I whole heartily support the endeavors of Ms. Salazar and the weThink Adaptive Engine and Assessment.As a manager of education and former teacher myself, I fully advocate the development of social emotional learning, character development, and 21st century skills. The weThink project has phenomenal potential to be successful and highly· impactful on students and educational systems.”

David P. Anderson Expanded Learning Manager Lennox School District