About us

weTHINK Inc., is a female- and minority-owned 21st learning program company leveraging the latest mobile and interactive experience technology to help the U.S. corporations, public schools and universities, and the U.S. military assess and learn required skills critical for applicants to succeed.

At weTHINK Inc., we have developed our solution in collaboration with a larger advisory team including the leading psychometricians in the U.S. and their graduate students along with experts in children and youth applications and games for companies such as Disney and Mattel.

We were founded by our CEO, Katrina Salazar who has been involved in the educational space for the past 17 years as a tutor, private school teacher, supplemental education consultant and business consultant. Her diverse set of skills and study which include entertainment development and design, game dev and design, classical lit, music, and analytical philosophy, has helped her to innovate in her chosen field of education. Katrina realized long ago the detriment of the widespread neglect of non-cognitive skills in our education system and has devoted herself completely to transforming our current educational system.

Based on her many years of success educational experience, Katrina has been able to build a company of educational, technical and business experts as well as an industry-leading advisory board with members and expert spanning education, corporate HR and the U.S. military.

“Kat is one of the most astute, effective consultants I’ve met in some time. She is extremely gifted at bringing out the best in individuals and her own unique path has bred a philosophy that is innovative, exciting and maybe even groundbreaking. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I want to express my full support and endorsement of Katrina Salazar’s weThink Adaptive Engine and Assessments.”

Brad Koepenick Co-Founder/Senior Vice President at SparkRise

“Working with Kat on software projects in the educational space has proven to be one of the highlights of my career. Kat continues to impress me with her ability to quickly absorb and master new information and skills quickly, and her organizational and problem-solving abilities are superb. Those talents and her powerful insight and experience have led to real breakthroughs in everything I’ve seen her do. Take any opportunity to work with her.”

Richard Wyckoff CEO, Reverge Studios

“I have had the distinct pleasure to work with Kat Salazar for a couple years now. Her unparalleled depth of wisdom and practical techniques left me inspired by her rich, translatable tools for cultivating new practices, patterns, and educing a dormant passion and curiosity for growth, which we had not seen in a rather long time. Quite frankly, her expertise in communication and innate ability to create a solution for any issue rendered me mute. I would highly recommend We Think Inc to any company or individual.”

Zelagh Kaplan Founder of Shen Ai Hardware

Our history

“Most students fall behind because they don’t know how to learn and are not provided the resources to develop the skills to be good learners.”

5 years ago we had a vision that we could change this, that our working hypothesis was right. So we tested it out. We combined these learning skills with academic programs and showed incredibly positive results. Not only were we able to show an increase in academic success, but we also showed a positive increase in behavior, mood, and confidence.

Further research validated these practical tests and proved we could go a step further. We can accurately measure and reliably teach these skills to students the world over. 

By building research backed interactive content for students we can both test and train them to use these skills along side their academics.

We can bring these skills into the classroom by providing educators personalized resources for their students and classrooms that they can use simply from a mobile phone, tablet, or computer. 

Teaching these skills produced measurable results for students in inner-city Los Angeles (Hawthorne school district)  increased SAT scores by 300-600 points in 6 weeks. 

Teaching these skills produced measurable results for institutions  – statewide standard test ranking increased by 20.5% in a year.

Teaching these skills produced satisfaction and positive feedback – 98% satisfaction rate with students and endorsed by the district of Lennox, based in Los Angeles country.