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COVID-19 MESSAGE: We know that many of you are impacted by COVID-19. Here at weThink, our team values your efforts and sees ourselves as a crucial partner in motivating students to engage in meaningful remote learning. Over 90% of kids play video games, and weTHINK knows how to leverage that for your school and district.

Framework, Curriculum, and Assessment

weThink focuses on evidence-based skills for academic, career, and life success, including: problem-solving, interpersonal skills, communication, self-control, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, planning, and grit.

21st Century Skills Through Gaming

Esports and gaming can be used to help players develop valuable 21st century skills, including creative thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity. Esports team-based experiences can also help players develop social-emotional learning (SEL) skills, and character values.
Problem: Too many students are disengaged with learning due to the impacts of COVID

Solution: Re-engage students now through team-based video game play in school


Measurable benefits for schools & districts include:






What We Do

Our research-proven Esports program provides measurable success in the classroom, and it can predict where your learners will succeed and which skills each learner needs to focus and improve upon.


The interactive learning modules teach 21st-century skills through personalized learning experiences.


Reports identify learners strengths in real-time and help uncover skills that need more focus.


Game data is collected along with self, peer and coach reporting to ensure a full-learner picture.


Individual results are evaluated and scored against critical skills and made available for review.


Players are offered recommendations that allow coaches to predict & report on the impact.

We create fully-digital interactive experiences that will inspire your learners to engage.

By leveraging Esports and video games, you can watch your students remotely sign-on, play, learn, and grow in areas of instruction that truly prepare them for the real world.


Lennox School District
Lennox, CA

95% + felt they had learned core skills and expressed an interested in learning more about STEM-related subjects.

weThink founder, Katrina Salazar, developed a pilot program that focused on higher-order cognitive and non-cognitive skills in a game-based learning setting to increase engagement and life transference of skills including cultivating an interested in STEM subjects.

Lennox School District paid for the innovative pilots. The program(s) was run as a voluntary summer program with an enrollment cap. The program materials were developed by Katrina and operated by staff she trained on her methodology. League of Legends was the MOBA game selected as the environment for learning.

The program was run on campus at up to 3 campuses. Students ranged from 2nd-5th grade and trained together. The curriculum focused on in game behavior, individual character traits, teamwork skills, and leadership skills. A combination of survey, discussion, and reflection worksheets were used for assessment and development.

At the end of the programs students were surveyed and interviewed. 95% + felt they had learned core skills and expressed an interested in learning more about STEM related subjects.

We help educators and institutions meet students where they’re at translating real-world Esports experiences into real-life skills for workforce readiness.

We also ease the pressure of complex online teaching at home to support parents and teachers. 


What People Are Saying

I whole heartily support the weThink Assessment. As a manager of education and former teacher myself, I fully advocate the development of social-emotional learning, character development, and 21st-century skills. The weThink project has phenomenal potential to be successful and highly· impactful on students and educational systems.
David P. Anderson

Expanded Learning Manager , Lennox School District



Venice Beach, CA

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