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Building better humans

The weTHINK System is a digital SaaS solution to assess and teach the 33 most impactful 21st century skills. Our research-proven program provides measurable success in the classroom and in the workplace, and can predict where you will succeed and which skills you need to further excel.

Expand abilities by identifying the most impactful strengths and skill gaps.

The weTHINK System assesses the most important and impactful skills for effectively learning, leading, and succeeding in the classroom or on the job. The weTHINK System is built to help you upgrade your abilities, not just test your aptitude. We guide you on how to utilize and play to your strengths and how to fill in your skills gaps through engaging, interactive experiences online or on your mobile phone.

Assess and Develop 33 evidence based skills for academic, career, and life success including:

Critical Thinking

Emotional Intelligence

Interpersonal Skills


Problem Solving

Self Control



How it works.


Assess 33 skills validly and reliably through interactive and gamified mobile and web experiences. 


Based on the assessment data, the interactive learning modules teach 21st century skills through personalized learning experiences.


The results are presented with recommendations to the users such as students/teachers, job applicants/HR professionals,  and allow us to predict the impact and to report on academic or professional progress.